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Pharmacokinetic Profile in Cats

NOCITA® (bupivacaine liposome injectable suspension) is administered as a peripheral nerve block to provide regional postoperative analgesia following onychectomy in cats. The pharmacokinetic characterization associated with bupivacaine after subcutaneous NOCITA or bupivacaine HCl solution administered to cats evaluated for 168 hours is provided in Table 4. 21

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Absorption in Cats

Following single subcutaneous doses of NOCITA, there was a less than dose proportional increase in Cmax and AUClast across the dose range tested (3-15 mg/kg) and a high variability in all reported parameters. Half-life is not reported for NOCITA in cats because the prolonged absorption confounds the estimation of the terminal elimination phase. Therefore, Tlast is included as a more appropriate measure of the duration of quantifiable plasma concentrations.

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